Ensure data integrity to prevent fraud, abuse and data theft

Organizations worldwide rely on Imperva (NYSE:IMPV) solutions to ensure data integrity and prevent fraud, abuse and data theft for a wide range of business applications and databases.Imperva is a pioneer and leader of a new category of business security solution that protects critical applications and data from theft, insider abuse, and fraud; and also streamlines regulatory compliance. Imperva's solutions provide a comprehensive solution for monitoring and controlling all data usage and business transactions across the data center, from storage in a database or on a file server to consumption through applications.


Attacks targeting high-value business data and applications have increased in sophistication, scale and frequency.  Organizations of all sizes are losing the battle to prevent hacking, data breaches, internal abuse and fraud. These same organizations too often also become mired in increasingly complex regulatory standards intended to force them to protect their business assets. Unfortunately, existing network and endpoint security solutions are easily circumvented by sophisticated application and business logic attacks and do not provide visibility into the usage of data and thus cannot address insider abuse.


Imperva solves this problem by creating a new protection layer positioned closely around business data and application systems in the data center; addressing key requirements, including:


  • a broad and fully integrated platform that monitors and protects high-value business applications and the data they use across various systems in the data center;
  • automated capabilities to discover and classify high-value business data;
  • user rights management capabilities to better align access rights with corporate policy;
  • auditing and reporting capabilities that enable a separation of duties;
  • sophisticated attack protection and anti-fraud technologies;
  • deployment flexibility though physical, virtual and SaaS offerings to address complex heterogeneous data center environments; and
  • integrated and centralized management.