With 91% of attacks starting with spear phishing, numerous high-profile breaches emanating from a single phish, and typical incident detection times spanning hundreds of days, the PhishMe solution disrupts the core of the adversary’s attack chain – their targets and tactics. The powerful combination of Simulator-Reporter-Triage reduces the success and resolution time of phishing attacks and provides an additional safety net by operationalizing a program of human security sensors with a detection mechanism that is based on user-generated intelligence derived in near real-time.

PhishMe has developed a phishing threat management solution that:
  • Prepares employees to be more resilient and vigilant against targeted cyber attacks
  • Empowers employees to easily report suspicious emails to the internal security teams in a timely manner
  • Provides incident responders with the ability to effectively prioritize, analyze, and act on suspect email reports detected by users, producing actionable intelligence that can be integrated with and employed by an organization’s existing security infrastructure and analytics capabilities.