WhiteHat Security

The Leader in Web Application Security

WhiteHat Security delivers the most accurate, complete and cost-effective website security solutions available today. While most companies do a very good job of protecting their networks, websites have emerged as the number one target for attacks. And the ramifications can be sobering. Loss of data. Malware infection. Loss of consumer confidence. A failure to meet regulatory requirements. The truth is, no company can afford the black mark of a website attack.


WhiteHat combines a revolutionary, cloud-based technology platform with a team of leading security experts to help customers in the toughest, most regulated industries, including e-commerce, financial services, information technology, healthcare and more. The company’s cloud website vulnerability management platform turns verified security intelligence into actionable insights for customers. 


WhiteHat Security provides complete Web security at a scale and accuracy unmatched in the industry. The Company’s flagship product line, WhiteHat Sentinel, currently manages thousands of websites, many of which are Fortune 500 to help  prevent website attacks that could cost them millions.