AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer

Automating the Network Security Policy Change Lifecycle

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Firewall Operations

AFA provides powerful visibility of complex networks and security policies to make daily firewall operations easier and more effective. AFA automatically generates an interactive topology map, which displays all firewall and router interfaces, network subnets and zones, and intelligent traffic queries ("Which firewalls and rules are blocking traffic from point A to point B?") that enable operations team to quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot connectivity issues. AFA also monitors and logs every change made to the firewall policy, and administrators can receive alerts in real-time when changes that do not comply with the corporate policy are detected.


Auditing and Compliance

AFA generates automatically populated compliance reports for industry regulations, including PCI-DSS, SOX, NERC and ISO. These detailed reports easily demonstrate firewall compliance. If the network security policy does not adhere to regulatory or corporate standards, the reports identify the exact rules and devices that cause gaps in compliance.


Risk Analysis

AFA instantly discovers and prioritizes all risks and potentially risky rules in the firewall policy by drawing on its knowledgebase. AFA provides the largest risk knowledgebase available, including industry regulations, best practices, and customizable corporate security policies.


AFA also assigns and tracks a security rating for each device and group of devices, allowing organizations to quickly pinpoint devices that require attention, and measure the effectiveness of the security policy over time.


Network Security Policy Optimization

AFA provides the richest set of recommendations for optimizing and cleaning up cluttered policies.

  • Discover unused rules and objects, as well as shadowed, duplicate and expired rules.
  • Reorder rules for optimal firewall performance.
  • Intelligent Policy Tuner tightens overly permissive rules without impacting business requirements.


Baseline Configuration Compliance

AFA allows security teams to easily and efficiently define baseline hardware and software configurations to which devices must adhere, and generates reports to identify devices that do not comply with the corporate baseline, minimizing system risks.


Simplifying Management of Next-Generation Firewall Policies

In addition to managing policies and change workflows for traditional firewalls, AFA enables you to automate the management of next-generation firewall policies - from policy optimization and risk mitigation to automating compliance. Additionally, AFA's NGFW policy analysis is seamlessly integrated with FireFlow to automate change management.


Managing Routers as Part of Your Security Policy

AFA provides a complete picture of the security policy by analyzing traffic-filtering routers, in addition to firewalls. AFA provides visibility of the network traffic flow and delivers actionable policy analysis to optimize ACLs, reduce risk from poor router configurations and ensure compliance.


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