Security Services with a Comprehensive Approach

Architecture (Security Architecture) Review
Many organizations have ad-hoc security measures in place or have implemented security procedures and technology as needed without a system wide review of what is necessary. Unplanned security architecture can leave holes in the environment that are not readily apparent or security spending can be on the wrong technologies without an understanding of where the risk truly lies in the architecture. The Security Architecture Analysis analyzes your current architecture, looking for gaps, operating inefficiencies, areas of security tool cost overrun, areas of weak productivity and misalignment with business goals.

Consulting and Evaluations
Because there are many ways to solve a problem, we can help you explore and demo all of your options and ensure that you meet your strategic goals by guiding you to purchase products that best fit your environment. Mission Critical Systems' goal is demonstrating the value we provide through knowledge, capability and integrity so that we earn your business for the long term.

Managed Services
Managed Services are coming in many forms including Network Monitoring (Firewalls, IPS, Anti-Virus), Hosted Services (Spam, URL, and Encryption), and Software as a Service (Web Application Scanning). These options give you the best solutions and skills to allow you not focus so much on day to day managing. Finally, someone else is on call.

Phone Support
Mission Critical provides mainline telephone support for all Check Point hardware and software products with full back-end support from Check Point. Customers who purchase Check Point products, implementation services, and upgrades from Mission Critical benefit from support by local engineers who know their environment.

Knowledge is power. Proper training on your IT Security solutions is essential to maximizing your investment. Mission Critical Systems is a Check Point Authorized Training Center and other manufacturers. We host official and customized classes in our office, off-site, or private on-site for your entire team. All classes are taught by certified instructors.

Vulnerability Assessment
Technology is frequently mis-configured or mismanaged, which in turn introduces points of weakness into the organization; and every device connected to the network has the potential to allow an attacker in. A vulnerability assessment can be used against many different types of systems such as networked based, host based or application based. Vulnerability Assessments are necessary to identify vulnerabilities, but also are necessary to show changes in the environment over time as the organization grows and changes.

Wireless Assessments
Wireless security has become both an internal and external problem. Companies are implementing wireless infrastructures internally but do not properly secure them. Employees can setup wireless access to the internal corporate infrastructure to bypass security controls or access the network from insecure wireless networks on the road or at home. This poses an entry point into the network that can be hard to control, monitor and audit. We can provide a Wireless risk assessment that looks at the infrastructure you have setup, policies and procedures in place, test the implementation for vulnerabilities and provide guidance on securing future wireless architectures against emerging threats.