Carbon Black's Cb ThreatSight

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Expert Threat Hunters That Give You Peace of Mind

As the global threat landscape accelerates, security teams are always worried something will slip through. Many companies lack the security professionals they need to investigate and respond to the flood of cybersecurity incidents they face. Others don’t even understand the threats they face — though they know they need to protect themselves.

Even skilled professionals, always stretched thin, risk missing important alerts in their own environment or newsworthy trends happening around the world. Cb ThreatSight solves these problems by providing a managed service that prioritizes alerts, uncovers new threats, and accelerates investigations alongside your own security professionals.

Cb ThreatSight is staffed by a dedicated team of experienced threat experts who keep watch over your organization’s environment, alert your team to emerging threats, and provide access to critical security services when you need them most.

When an alert is confirmed, our experts will analyze root cause, provide additional context, and proactively notify you of the threat, allowing your team to focus their efforts on only the most critical events in your environment.


Key Features

Expert Alert Validation
Enterprises often face a shortage of skilled security professionals, and security teams often spend too much time monitoring and validating alerts, limiting the time available to perform true security analysis.

Cb ThreatSight experts analyze, validate, and prioritize alerts from Cb Defense, allowing your team to focus on only the most critical events in your environment.

Early Warning System
When prevalent outbreaks occur, security team investigations are often limited by the scope of resources and data available in their own environment.

By monitoring data across millions of protected endpoints, the Carbon Black Threat team is able to identify trends and proactively send advisories on widespread attacks to arm your team with the information required to take
action confidently.

Roadmap to Root Cause
During active investigations, it’s difficult to craft an effective remediation plan before you are able to confidently determine the full scope of the event.

Cb ThreatSight provides additional context to Cb Defense alerts, such as connecting alerts caused by the same event, to streamline investigations and root cause analysis.

Emerging Threat Detections
Other NGAV solutions only collect endpoint data triggered by existing indicators of compromise (IOCs), making it nearly impossible for your team to look back and confidently determine whether your environment has been hit by newly discovered attack techniques.

Cb Defense collects unfiltered endpoint data in the cloud, whether or not the event was connected to malicious activity. As the Threat team develops new threat discovery algorithms, analysts will run those engines against the unfiltered endpoint data from your environment to identify previously unknown IOCs and send you a notification about the iterative algorithm detection once the alert is confirmed.