Mission Critical Systems reminds you that October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month.



Around this time of year, you start noticing changes around you. A coolness in the air and the sun hangs a little lower in the sky. Most of us start thinking about Fall and the upcoming holidays. However, for the Team at Mission Critical Systems we as always are thinking about Cybersecurity.

However, October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). We think it is an excellent time for everyone to think about cybersecurity as much as we do. Below is a list of ways you too can celebrate NCSAM. We’d like to thank GlobalKnowledge.com for giving us the idea.

Week 1 - Surf Smarter with “Stop, Think, and Connect”

Most of us are online throughout the day. Unfortunately, this is a major threat vector for cyber-attacks. Following the simple “Stop, Think, and Connect” protocol helps keep you safer while online.

  • Stop! – Do you have appropriate security measures in place?
  • Think! – Remember actions have consequences. Assume anything you do online is public and that it will be around forever.
  • Connect! – Finally, enjoy your online experience knowing that you have taken measures to stay safe.

Week 2 - Staying Safe at Work Is Everyone’s Job

Education is the key to a safe environment at work. Make sure everyone understands what they can do to keep your company safe. Training your employees about phishing, malware and other potential threats is a necessary part of any company’s cybersecurity plan. Employees are the most critical link in keeping your organization secure.

Week 3 - Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet

Smart Phones, Smart Speakers, Smart Cars, and even Smart Refrigerators. The future is now, and more and more things are becoming “Smart” and connected every day. We all need to understand that along with convenience these devices gather and share all kinds of personal information. It is up to each of us to understand how, why and what we need to do to make these devices secure. 

Week 4 - Join the Fight with a Career in Cybersecurity

Whether you are a young person thinking about your future or if you are looking to make a change in careers Cybersecurity can be a smart choice. Cybersecurity professionals are well paid and highly sought after. With a predicted shortage becoming a critical concern in the industry, this is one career with a bright future.

Week 5 - November is Critical Infrastructure Month

Financial Institutions, The Power Grid, Utilities, and Communications are all part of the Critical Infrastructure needed to run our modern society. In week 5 it is an excellent time to think of your personal emergency plan. Natural disasters and other calamities can cause significant disruptions to you and your family if you are not prepared. It is always good to have a backup plan.

So, enjoy the change of seasons and the upcoming holidays. But remember to remain vigilant against the potential threats in our connected world.