New training for Check Point R80.10

Mission Critical Marketing Team


Mission Critical Systems is hosting Check Point R80.10 training the week of September 10th for 5 days. This training includes both CCSA & CCSE training and is an excellent opportunity for anyone regularly working with Check Point Firewalls. I asked Jonathan Lobl our resident Check Point Certified instructor to tell us a little about it.

Are you ready to “sharpen that ax”?  Over the years, I have seen a reference to a traditional woodsman question, “What would you do if you had just five minutes to chop down a tree?”  His answer being, “I would spend the first two and a half minutes sharpening my ax.”

When was the last time you learned about your Check Point firewalls?  For some of you, it has been a while.  You should know that there have been many changes in the interface and features over the years.  That R77 dashboard that you are probably familiar with looks a bit dated compared to the flashy new all-in-one R80.10 interface.  Without spending some time learning the setup and location of its new features, you probably won’t get the full use of your firewall security investment.

Mission Critical offers the official Check Point CCSA (Check Point Certified Security Administrator) and CCSE (Check Point Certified Security Engineer) combo class in a 5-day onsite learning environment.  Each student gets a personal virtual environment with all needed components and an electronic textbook with lab manual that you can keep. We also feed you breakfast and lunch at our location.

Some of the CCSA portions will include installation practice of R80.10, learning how to create the new and more efficient layers for firewall rules, best practices for backups and restoration, adding users with appropriate permissions, proper backup strategies, and many more administrative tasks.

Some of the CCSE tasks will include how to use the R80.10 automation and orchestration API to manage objects through command line scripting, performing upgrades from r77.30 to R80.10, building out redundancy for both gateways and management, learning how to enable IPS and other Threat Prevention technologies and test them with attacks in the lab.  There are also sections for troubleshooting of the various core components.

If you have already upgraded to R80.10, then you will find this class helpful in making the most of your installation.  If you haven’t upgraded yet, NOW is the time to start planning for your move. R77.30 is only supported by Check Point until May of 2019, and you don’t want to be stuck with an unsupported system. If you are thinking of doing the upgrade yourself, why not get some practice in a classroom setting with a personal firewall upgrade test environment.  The classroom is also a great place to get expert answers to those firewall questions that you have been wondering about.

Check Point R80.10 is out, and it has lots of great features to help you speed up your firewalls, get the job done faster and help keep those auditors from taking all your time up.

It is time to “Sharpen that Ax.”

Jonathan Lobl
Certified Check Point Instructor