Webinar: Out of the Silo, Into the Cloud: Hybrid Network Security - May 6
Thursday, May 6, 2021 | 10:00am
Thursday, May 6, 2021 | 11:00am

As your network extends beyond the physical data center, managing security policies within your hybrid environment becomes more complex. Learn how to transition from managing independent silos to a holistic network security policy management approach that unifies, consolidates, and automates your entire enterprise.

This webinar will cover how to:

  • Proactively assess risk throughout your network and recommend the necessary changes to eliminate misconfigurations and compliance violations
  • Gain full visibility and unify security policy management of your entire hybrid network environment, simulate traffic routes and security policy for network devices
  • Manage traffic change requests in a holistic manner by creating filters to enforce data center whitelist policy; as well as identifying and provisioning changes to firewalls as well as other network security controls that are on-premises and in the cloud.

AlgoSec seamlessly integrates with all leading brands of firewalls, cloud security controls, routers, and load balancers to deliver unified security policy management. 


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May 6



Multiple security platforms, multiple clouds, and multiple stakeholders? AlgoSec provides a unified umbrella for:

  • Continuous Visibility
  • Central Management of Security Policies
  • Easy Migration
  • Hybrid Network Change Management
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Featured Speaker

Jeremiah Cornelius

Algosec Technical Leader