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Interested in Check Point? Click Here.

Uncompromising Protection Against All Types of Threats

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., the largest pure-play security vendor globally, provides industry-leading solutions and protects customers from cyberattacks with an unmatched catch rate of malware and other types of attacks. Check Point offers a complete security architecture defending enterprises’ networks to mobile devices, in addition to the most comprehensive and intuitive security management. Check Point first pioneered the industry with FireWall-1 and its patented stateful inspection technology in 1993.

Next Generation Firewalls

Customers of all sizes can have the latest data and network security protection in an integrated next-generation firewall platform, reducing complexity and lowering the total cost of ownership.

  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • vSEC for Public & Private Cloud - vSEC products protect assets in the cloud from the most sophisticated threats with dynamic scalability, intelligent provisioning and consistent control across physical and virtual networks.
  • Data Center - comprehensive security architecture with flexible enforcement points for advanced protection against the latest cyberattacks.
  • Midsize & Enterprise - Enterprises deploy security along well-defined boundaries at the perimeter and internally within software-defined data centers. Check Point has next-generation firewall solutions for protecting both north-south and east-west traffic
  • Small Business - Check Point has an affordable, easy to use and effective solution to secure small businesses.

Next Generation Threat Prevention

Next Generation Threat Prevention is Integrated, multi-layer defense-in-depth software, and appliances

Mobile Security

Today every business is a mobile business, with requirements to safeguard business data, provide secure mobile access to business documents and keep mobile devices safe from threats.

  • Mobile Security
  • SandBlast Mobile - Check Point SandBlast Mobile protects iOS and Android devices from advanced mobile threats, ensuring you can deploy and defend devices with confidence.
  • Check Point Capsule - Capsule provides a secure business environment for mobile device use and protects business documents wherever they go.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security is a single agent providing data security, network security, threat prevention and a remote access VPN for complete Windows and Mac OS X security. As an integrated suite, Endpoint Security provides simple, unified management and policy enforcement.

Security Management

Check Point Infinity architecture consolidates management of multiple security layers, providing superior policy efficiency and enabling to manage security through a single pane of glass. The single management centrally correlates all types of events across all network environments, cloud services, and mobile infrastructures.

  • Security Management
  • Policy Management - Next Generation Policy now gives you the ability to have one policy for users, data, applications, and networks provide unparalleled granular control and consistent security. Each policy can be segmented into manageable sections, or policy layers, to align with your network or business needs.
  • Workflow and Orchestration - Provide strong protection efficiently without impeding business innovation. Routine tasks can now be automated and delegated, empowering security self-service for business owners. Smart APIs enable trusted integrations with orchestration infrastructures, paving the way for fully automated security controls.
  • Integrated Threat Management - Fully integrated threat management with logging, monitoring, event correlation and reporting in one place. The intuitive, visual dashboard provides full visibility into security across the network, helping you monitor security continuously and stay alert to potential threats.
  • Smart-1 Appliance - Optimized for one-stop security management, combining policy management, and monitoring and event management into a dedicated, high-performance appliance.

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