Interested in Cofense? Click Here.
Interested in Cofense? Click Here.

End-to-End Phishing Protection

With 91% of attacks starting with spear phishing, numerous high-profile breaches emanating from a single phish, and typical incident detection times spanning hundreds of days, the PhishMe solution disrupts the core of the adversary’s attack chain – their targets and tactics. 

  • Cofense Phishme- Conditions employee behavior via real-world phishing simulations to provide safe, hands-on experience and learning opportunities.
  • Cofense Reporter - Turns employees into informants with a simple email add-on to send suspicious emails to security teams for analysis.
  • Cofense Triage - Phishing Incident Response Platform enables fast collection and analysis of phishing threats to find real threats in real-time.
  • Cofense Intelligence - Phishing specific threats and intelligence gathered in the wild and delivered via machine-readable (MRTI) and with full human verified analysis reporting.

PhishMe Has Solutions For: