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CyberArk’s Security Solutions Master High-Stakes Compliance and Audit Requirements

Privileged accounts represent the largest security vulnerability an organization faces today. These powerful accounts are used in nearly every cyber-attack, and they allow anyone who gains possession of them to control organization resources, disable security systems, and access vast amounts of sensitive data. CyberArk has led the market in securing enterprises against cyber attacks that hide behind insider privileges and attack critical assets. At a time when auditors and regulators are recognizing that privileged accounts are the fast track for cyber attacks and demanding stronger protection, CyberArk’s security solutions master high-stakes compliance and audit requirements while arming businesses to protect what matters most.

  • Privileged Account Security Solution – Designed from the ground up for security, the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution provides the most comprehensive solution for all systems on-premises and in the cloud, from every endpoint, through the DevOps pipeline. This complete enterprise-ready Privileged Account Security Solution is tamper-resistant, scalable and built for complex distributed environments to provide the utmost protection from advanced external and insider threats.
  • Enterprise Password Vault - Secure, rotate and control access to passwords, SSH keys, and privileged credentials based on policy to prevent attacks and meet audit and compliance requirements.
  • Privileged Session Manager  - Secure privileged user sessions, protect target systems and enable privileged account access without exposing sensitive credentials leveraging a secure jump server. Monitor and record privileged sessions to meet audit requirements and stop privileged sessions real-time.
  • Privileged Threat Analytics - Provide intelligence to detect, alert and respond to anomalous privileged activity. Leverage data from multiple sources, including the CyberArk Digital Vault, SIEM and the network, to detect indications of compromise credentials early in the attack lifecycle.
  • On-Demand Privileges Manager - Reduce risk from *NIX super-users with a secure and enterprise-ready sudo-like solution that allows privileged users to run authorized administrative commands from their native Unix or Linux sessions while eliminating unneeded root privileges.
  • Endpoint Privileged Manager - Enforce the least privileged, control applications and prevent credential theft on Windows and Mac desktops and Windows servers to contain attacks and stop lateral movement.
  • On-Demand Privileges Manager - Enforce least privilege policies on unix/linux super-user accounts.

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