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Interested in ForeScout? Click Here

Transforming Security Through Visibility

New devices join your network every hour. Unmanaged notebooks, smartphones, and tablets. Internet of Things (IoT) devices of all shapes and sizes. Rogue endpoints. Servers. These devices significantly expand your attack surface yet are invisible to many security products. ForeScout offers a heterogeneous security solution that can see devices, control them and orchestrate system-wide threat response across your wired and wireless campus, data center, cloud and operational technology deployments without agents.

  • ForeScout CounterACT - CounterACT agentless technology discovers, classifies and assesses devices the instant they connect to your network. CounterACT interrogates the network infrastructure to discover devices as they connect to the network. ForeScout customers have reported seeing up to 60% more devices on their network than previously known. After discovering a device, CounterACT uses a combination of passive and active methods to classify the device according to its type and ownership. Based on its classification, CounterACT then assesses the device security posture and allows organizations to set policies that establish the specific behavior the device is allowed to have while connected to a network.
  • ForeScout Orchestrate - ForeScout orchestrates infrastructure-wide security management to make formerly disjointed security products work as one. This unique set of network, security and management interoperability technologies extends the power of ForeScout CounterACT to more than 70 third-party solutions, allowing the combined system to accelerate response, achieve major operational efficiencies and provide superior security.

Forescout Has Solutions For:

  • Network Access Control
  • IOT