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Interested in Illusive? Click Here.


Attackers can silently slip past your best-tuned security controls and move under cover toward their targets. By deploying deceptions across your entire infrastructure, Illusive turns every endpoint into a trap and provides real-time, situational awareness that empowers responders to act — before the attacker can reach your critical systems.

illusive's Deceptions Everywhere® approach weaves a deceptive layer over your entire network - every endpoint, server, and network component is coated with deceptions. The moment an attacker penetrates your network, they are in an illusive world where all the data is unreliable. If attackers cannot collect reliable data, they cannot make decisions. And if they cannot make decisions, the attack is paralyzed.

  • Illusive Deceptions Core - Attackers don’t need to know how your network is physically constructed. They want to know how to move from one system to another, and where to find the coveted crown jewels. Illusive creates a visual map as the attacker would want to see your network. By weaving deceptions across the IT landscape, Illusive Deceptions Everywhere® creates an alternative reality that disrupts the progress of an APT. Attackers can’t tell reality from illusion. Every endpoint becomes a trap.

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