Interested in Tanium? Click Here.
Interested in Tanium? Click Here.

Ask. Know. Act. 

For the first time, IT has 15-second visibility and control over every endpoint, even across the largest and most complex global networks. With this new level of visibility and control, new things are possible for IT. See exactly what’s happening, as it’s happening, so you can make better decisions and quickly take corrective action.

  • Tanium Endpoint Platform - The only platform to secure and manage millions of endpoints in seconds. Ask a question: in natural language, with Google-like search, Retrieve answers in seconds: so you know their current state, and take action at scale: change millions of endpoints as needed in seconds.
  • Tanium Asset - Gives operations and IT asset management teams a thorough and up-to-date picture of their endpoint hardware, software, and configuration inventory. This helps organizations make the right decisions about how to deploy their assets most efficiently.
  • Tanium Comply - Improves security hygiene and regulatory compliance by transforming security configuration checks and vulnerability scanning from a labor-intensive, unreliable activity that takes weeks to get enterprise-wide results to one that can be performed on-demand.
  • Tanium Discover - Quickly find unmanaged assets within the enterprise environment, even across the largest global networks, and allows security and IT teams to directly take actions necessary to review, secure and gain control of these assets.
  • Tanium Integrity Monitor - simplifies regulatory compliance and makes file integrity monitoring more effective enterprise-wide.
  • Tanium Patch - Enables IT professionals to customize patch workflows with up-to-the-second endpoint visibility and control with just a single server regardless of network scale.
  • Tanium Protect - Delivers policies and actions to manage native operating-system protections at enterprise-scale – thus reducing the cost and complexity of endpoint security. Combined with Tanium IOC Detect, Protect empowers customers to seamlessly move from investigating their environment to taking proactive action to protect against threats.  
  • Tanium Threat Response - Delivers a broad set of capabilities to hunt, detect, investigate, contain, and remediate threats and vulnerabilities with unparalleled speed and scalability. Incident response teams can take an initial lead, quickly search, filter and visualize forensic data, and piece together the story of what happened on a single endpoint. They can then pivot to fully scope any incident across the enterprise. Threat response actions can be done in a single console through a single endpoint agent, eliminating security silos and supporting integrated workflows that promote teamwork and speed.

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