Mission Critical Systems Partner - Guardicore

Guardicore is the segmentation company disrupting the legacy firewall market. The software-only approach is decoupled from the physical network, providing a faster alternative to firewalls. Built for the agile enterprise, we offer greater security and visibility in the cloud, data-center, and endpoint.

GuardiCore is the only converged security platform that fully covers all critical areas for securing east-west traffic: Visibility, Micro-Segmentation, Breach Detection, Automatic Analysis, Response. Process-level visibility provides monitoring and visualization of all applications and workloads.

The micro-segmentation policy allows IT and security teams to define granular security policies between processes and monitors those policies for variations and suspicious activity. Dynamic, high-interaction deception interrogates, records, and monitors active attacker sessions looking for malicious behavior and providing insights on attacker methods and spread. The automatic analysis enables security teams to prioritize security incidents requiring an immediate response that would otherwise involve hours of human analysis using traditional tools, techniques. The automated response allows for real-time attack isolation and remediation of infected files and servers, thus stopping an attack at the initial stage.